World of Wheels 2012 Photos

Calgary, Alberta

February 17-19, 2012

This year due to a variety of reasons, the Alberta Mustangs Auto Club did not have an "official" Club Display in the World of Wheels.  However, once again, Albert set up and organized a large display of 12 Mustangs from the Club.  The theme this year was "The Mustangs of Wild Wednesday". There was a wide range of Mustangs displayed, with the oldest being a '66 Coupe and the newest a '12 Boss 302.  Norm also debuted his slightly-modified S-code '67 Coupe "Snot". It sounds like they all had a great time as well. Part of their fun included meeting America's Favourite Custom Car Builder, and star of "Overhaulin", Chip Foose, who signed several items for Club members, and who willingly had his picture taken with them. A special bonus for Frank on the weekend, as Chip quickly drew up a Boss 302 on a "Foose" shirt that Frank had brought down to the show. I am sure that Frank will not be using that shirt any time soon. With all of the Club members also walking away with an award, it was a great weekend had by all.

Thanks also to Del and Albert who also provided some of the photos below.

Hope you enjoy the cars and the display.






Webmaster Russ Penner