SEMA Las Vegas 2006 Photos

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Several Club members had traveled to Las Vegas in the past couple years to take in and enjoy everything that SEMA has to offer the car fanatic. They would come back to Calgary with many stories and even more photos.

The proverbial "water-cooler" conversation led to talk of having a Club trek, with as many members as were interested, to make the trip this year, in late October - early November. Well, we planned it ...and it happened.

A total of 18 people went on the tour, which included 12 active Club members. By all accounts, a good time was had by all. There is already talk of doing this again next year.

The sheer size of SEMA is amazing; you cannot see it all in one day, much less two days. The cars, the products, the tools, the people, the celebrities,.. wow.!!

Anyone you would see on Speed Channel or Spike TV was there. First of all the man himself, Carroll Shelby, (yes, a couple of us got his autograph), as well as Jack Roush, Steve Saleen, Barry Meguiar, Boyd Coddington, Mario Andretti, Dennis Gage, and many more.

It seemed like every second booth had a 2005-07 Mustang in it. Several of them were 2007 Shelby GT500 's.

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