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Quite a few Club members had traveled to Scottsdale, AZ in the past several years to take in and enjoy many of the car auctions that run during January each year. The most famous of course is Barrett-Jackson, and has a lot to offer the car fanatic. These members would come back to Calgary with many stories and even more photos.

The proverbial "water-cooler" conversation led to talk of having a Club gathering in Scottsdale, as several members had been interested in going, talked about it, but never seemed to make the trip. This last winter, some of us said "That's it, we are finally going this time.!" Well, we planned it ...and it happened.

A total of about 14 to 16 active Club members ended up in Scottsdale at various times during the Jan 16-25 timeframe, from 3 days to 10 days stay. By all accounts, a good time was had by all. There is already talk of doing this again next year.

If you have not been before, the sheer size of Barrett-Jackson is amazing; you cannot see it all in one day, if you also want to see some of the "auction action". The cars, the products, the tools, the people,.. wow.!

Many of the "build cars" from the various Car Shows on Speed and Spike for example are being auctioned at one of the many auctions in town. Many low production cars are here; in fact the most oft-used phrase heard this week is "One of One" - seems nearly every car was described as such...

The second biggest auction this week is the Russo and Steele, which is a "reserve" auction, and features many rare, numbers-matching cars, such as Boss's, Shelby's, Corvettes and rare Mopars.

This January in Phoenix, they experienced the worst rain storms in the area in the past 20 years. Some of the worst devastation actually occurred on the Thursday Jan 21, on the grounds of the Russo and Steele auction. It had rained a good part of the day. Near supper-time, the Fire Dept evacuated the two large 800' long tents that were sheltering the cars. The storm ended up lifting these tents and dropping them back down on the cars, causing several millions of dollars of damage. Many of the cars we had enjoyed viewing hours earlier had now been damaged; in some cases quite seriously. Some of the cars pictured here no longer look the same. There are many other photos on the Internet which reflect the damage done. Luckily nobody was seriously injured.

There are many good memories however, of this week. They include: the great Mexican cuisine, the rental Red 2010 Mustang convertible (great for cruising around the Phoenix area), Mango Margaritas, Roger Penske Racing Museum, the plentiful cacti, Cave Creek, and the time spent with the fellow Mustangers, from Calgary, Edmonton and Great Falls who we ran into.

If you have been to Scottsdale in January before; you will probably go again. If you are a car fanatic and have not yet been there, regardless of your favourite brand or model, you do need to go sometime.!

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