AMAC Presidential 2016 Photos

Calgary, Alberta

June 25, 2016

The forecast all week was for more rain (like a lot of our summer would turn out to be); but we were hoping for some sunshine when we held our 33rd Annual Presidential Show and Shine on Saturday, June 25, 2016. Well, we woke up to more rain... Many of us still took our Mustangs out of nice dry garages, and purposely drove out into a pouring rain, and to the show site. We all hoped for the rain to stop, and then we could have the Show. The Grey Eagle Casino once again was a great host, and supplied several tents for the volunteers to work out of.

The rain did finally stop, and we all committed to having the Show continue. The sun did make several appearances during the day. This event could not have happened without the many volunteers that we have in our Club. There was a huge amount of work that went into making this day happen, from the beginning, huddled in the rain, to the final teardown. This year, the show was once again returned to a Participant voting event, with the many owners back to walking up and down the rows, filling in their ballot.

We did end up with 79 vehicles registered this year. It certainly was the lowest number we have had for many years. However, with the weather we had, we do want to say a special "Thanks" to all of you that brought your cars out in this weather!

Our charities again this year are the Calgary Women's Emergency Shelter and ProstAid Calgary, and they will once again be rewarded with the generosity of the Mustang community. Many thanks as well to all the sponsors who gave generously to help make this annual event the success it has become.

If you were there, you hopefully you had a good time, in spite of the rain returning a couple more times during the Show and Shine. We hope to have many more of you come out for this event in 2017. In the mean time, we are just a short time away from hosting the 37th International Mustang Meet!

Thanks to Albert and Ken for these photos.






Webmaster Russ Penner