Mustangs Northwest MCA Roundup 2013 Photos

The "Mustang Roundup" show hosted each year by the Mustangs Northwest (MNW) car club in Seattle has had a reputation for years of being the largest in the Pacific Northwest region of the US, and certainly one of the larger Mustang gatherings in North America.

Various AMAC members have attended this event over the years, enjoying the great selection of beautiful Mustangs and other Fords. In 2010 when MNW hosted an MCA Grand National event, a number of our Club members were part of this event, including entering their car in the Judged portion of the Show. A good time was had, and talk evolved around making the same road trip again in 2013.

If you have not been before, the sheer size of the event, and the beautiful setting within Bellevue Community College certainly helps rate this event as a "you should do this sometime" Mustang Show.

On Saturday they hold the Judged Show, with certified MCA judges reviewing your car in a detailed fashion. The condition of the restorations seen were very good, and the weather fully cooperated all weekend.

The open Participants Show, "the Roundup" is held on Sunday. Walking the many parking lots holding the various classes and trying to see as many of the 100's of cars as possible is truly an adventure. You really need to go and first see the classes you REALLY want to see, and then go around looking at the rest.

As a follow up to my "sideline story" from the 2010 event (seen elsewhere on this web site), this year both Wayne H and myself (Russ) showed up with our cars. It is much more fun showing up with a Mustang at a Mustang event, than in a Toyota!

If you were not a participant this year in going to Bellevue, then certainly speak to one of the members that did go. (I believer there were 9 Club cars that were on this road trip and stopped in Bellevue). I am sure they all have some great stories of their trip and adventures they experienced. Certainly if you are also one to enjoy fresh seafood, then we also have some fun times to share with you as well. Hope you enjoy the small sampling of some photos below, taken at the event.





Webmaster Russ Penner