What do you do throughout the year?

Summer of course is our big show 'n shine season.  We put on our own car show, the Presidential, and as a group, or individually go to many other show 'n shines in the area.  All the small towns, and even areas in Calgary, have special celebrations that often include a car show of some sort.  Thiscould include Vulcan, Nanton, Airdrie, Strathmore, Carstairs, (and many others).  There's the International every year, alternating in Canada and the United States, the big cruise to Three Hills (800 cars), the Spring Thaw in Calgary (800 cars), Stephen Avenue Mall, etc, etc.

In winter we continue to have meetings and plan the Christmas Party which in the past we have in December sometime.  In 2006 we are starting something different.  (See other pages of this web site for details of all this stuff).  No meeting in December.  In January we start planning for the Presidential or for appearing on one of the TV morning shows.  We do a highway cleanup in September. This year we are planning to have an informal get together Saturday or Sunday brunch once a month during the winter , and possibly a Ice cream cruise once a month during the summer. Check the events and cruise page for details.



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