What do you do on cruises?

Cruises are not races!  In the summer months, we have cruises to members homes for a garage tour instead of having a Club meeting.  Other cruises are meant to be a way to go to a show 'n shine as a group: we generally meet in a mall parking lot at a specific time, and leave for a town or other show site together.  This could be Three Hills, High River, Red Deer, or where ever.  Sometimes we may cruise to Canmore for ice cream.  It's really cool to be in a pack of Mustangs going down the highway with all the traffic looking at all our nice cars.  Often times we cruised to the United States, or another city in Western Canada for the International Mustang Meet.  The idea is to get out and enjoy your car and other car-folks during the spring, summer, and fall.


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