50th Mustang Show in Vegas Photos

The events for the "Mustang 50th" had been talked about for quite some time already, with the passion many AMAC members have for their favourite pony car. There would be two events of note that some members wanted to be a part of; one in Charlotte, NC, and this one in Las Vegas, NV, around the April 15-20, 2014 timeframe.

Look elsewhere for some detail on the Charlotte, NC event. Some AMAC members took 3 weeks and attended the "Mustangs Across America" drive and that event. They certainly will have some stories to tell.

 For Las Vegas, some members drove their Mustangs down and back, and some members flew in for several days.

On Wednesday morning, April 16th, Team Shelby had their 7th Annual Vegas Bash Show and Shine at Shelby American HQ, at 6405 Ensworth St, at the south end of The Strip, and just west of the airport. It was a nice sunny day, with a large number of Shelbys and other Mustangs in attendance. One of our members brought his GT-500 to this event. This show included several rare and special edition cars.

Wednesday night a total of 20 AMAC members convened in Henderson, NV at a great BBQ place for supper.

 On Thursday, Friday and Saturday, there were lots of activities at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

The special Mustangs on display included the Mustang I and II prototype cars; Mustang #2 (the first pre-production Mustang coupe), a 6-cylinder coupe sold new in the Yukon, that also spent some time in Edmonton. Also on hand was a silver 2015 Mustang coupe, along with the 2015 50th Anniversay Edition Coupe in Kona Blue with all of its unique features. Many vendors were in the infield including Scott Drake, Roush, Saleen, and many more. Performance parts, T-shirts, memorabilia, and even a Mustang pinball machine were available to be purchased.

Another highlight was for a fellow Mustanger, Wayne, from Spuce Grove, AB. The organizers of the event were so impressed with how his special edition 2011 Coupe looked, that they invited him to park his car in the History Timeline tent as part of the display highlighting the 5 decades of Mustangs. Those were a couple of special days for him; and it was great to see an Alberta car get that kind of honour.

There were many Mustangs, new and old in the parking lots outside of the Speedway. Lots of modified cars, of all designs and colours. Also of interest was the Mustang Club of France who had rented 200 V6 Mustang convertibles from Hertz in Los Angeles, and parked rows of these cars at the Speedway. There was representation from many different countries around the world at this event.

The non-Mustang events some AMAC members participated in included some ride-alongs in NASCAR-equipped cars as part of the Richard Petty Driving Experience. Being "at speed" on the straightaway was an absolute blast, and we have video to prove it.  Having lunch at a "Diners and Dives" restaurant was also great, with an amazing Stromboli sandwich and deep-fried mac-n-cheese wedges. Check out the Four Kegs next time you are in Vegas.  We also did a tour of Count's Kustoms and Rick's Restorations shops.

Other events included the Mustang birthday party on Thursday night at New York New York, the Shelby Gala at Shelby HQ on Friday night and the Banquet at Mandalay Bay on Saturday night.

I am sure that everyone who participated at some events in Vegas this week had fun, and they have some good memories. Here are just a few of the photos taken that weekend.




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